Friday, April 15, 2011

A Note From Ber Oaks...

We have been having some amazing services at Word of Life in Sand Springs, Oklahoma this past year... especially this past few months.  We have been hearing the supernatural anointed rhema word of God.  Speakers like: David Baker, Kim Weir, Doug Jones, David Fleming, Karen Jensen, Larry Mosley, Craig Hagin, ... and our own Chad Stewart.  Wow!  What an amazing message he delivered this past Wednesday.

In my spirit I sense God is pruning the unfruitful vines and strengthening our body.  I can't wait to get to service on Sunday and Wednesday just to see what God is going to do.  I find myself rushing to the bookstore after each service to get copies of the service CD's so I can really get God's messages down in my own spirit.  I keep them in the car so when we are traveling or just running errands we are continually getting a dose of God's life giving word.

Grandma Hazel 
Just like today for example...  Thursday's is the day I pick up my mama and we drive out to Broken Arrow and visit my 91 year old grand-mama... mama's mama... soon to be 92 in a few months.  She is now in a nursing home but still "tarp as a shack"... LOL!  She is quite hard of hearing now so I take a pad and pen when I go, but she always knows who we are and calls us by name.  I love her so much and am so grateful to still have her in my life.  She always says, "My precious sweet grand-daughter" and then says, "What would I do without you?"  Of course she says the same thing to all of us that visit her... but I am the first grandchild, so I like to think I am special... LOL!  She told me she loved me, and I said, "I love you more"... she just looked me straight in the eyes and said, "No you don't", which made all of us laugh. 

Aunt Becky Sanders & Carolyn Sparks (mama)
My Aunt Becky goes up to the home everyday and makes sure she is being taken good care of.  So many of the folks in there have no one to visit them and that makes me so sad for them.

Anyway, back to being in the car with mama, I had a CD running the whole time we were in the car.  My mama got to hear Larry Mosley speak about the powerful Name of Jesus, a Name like no other... and Craig Hagin speaking on Faith being an unquestioning belief in the Word of God... and commenting on how she needed copies of the CD's also.  Now don't get me wrong, she is a faith talking, bible thumping, soul winning, intercessory praying Southern Baptist gal, so she knows a good word when she hears it and she taught it to me.  We had a good time in the car... no doubt about it.

Then this afternoon we both had an appointment with our stylist Jaycee Schrepel... cut and color... love her talent... she is definitely in her God gifted element.  Love that girl.  Afterwards, we went flower shopping for mama's front porch.  She loves to have hanging baskets of purple flowers on each side of her front door and several pots of mixed blooms on the porch floor.

The wind was really blowing hard when we got to the house and you could smell rain in the air... but dad said that the storm was going to miss us according to the weather reports on t.v. (and we all know how reliable those are).  Loren was in Salina doing carpet cleaning in a main church and a second building on grounds and dad commented that he wouldn't be home till mid-night.  I started to stay for a while but decided to call Loren to see when he thought he would be home.  He told me around 9pm and that they don't call him speedy for nothing.  It was after 5pm at the time.

It had been a long day... so, as I heard the first clap of thunder off in the distance I decided to head for home .  I got home just in time to roll up the windows in the old car Loren's left parked in a bush and re-park it, put up Loren's tools he left laying in the driveway, put away the baby chicks safely in the coop, then feed our outdoor cat and dog, and just as it began to sprinkle I set off for the back yard garden to pick a mess of poke for dinner.  I could hear the tornado siren's going off all around me as I finished picking the greens and headed back in the house.

Man, did it ever pour rain... and small hail pellets... and the wind was rockin' fierce.  I love a good thunder storm... always have, even as a child.  Didn't last long though.  My youngest daughter, Tami, always calls me when it storms just to make sure we are safe... she worries about me.

I had just washed and chopped the poke when my 10 1/2 year old grand-daughter Shelbi called and needed to vent... she had so much to talk about.  We talked from about 7:15 till 8:35pm... she scarcely took a breath... don't know where she gets that from... anyway, she tells me all the time that I am her BFF... what grandma wouldn't just eat that up?

After I got off the phone with Shelbi I called Loren.  It was about 9pm by then, I wanted to see if he was on his way home yet so I could start his dinner and to let him know that the storm was most likely coming his way, but he didn't answer his cell phone.  Do all men do that?  And if so... Why do men do that?  I don't really ever worry about him unless he doesn't answer his phone (he sleeps behind the wheel) or if I leave a message and he doesn't call me back.  I finally did talk to him (after I called him again) when he was about half way home... at 11:15pm... what time did he get home you might wonder... around mid-night, just as dad predicted... Speedy?  Well... what ever!!!  I guess now that he is home I will wrap this up...

Oh, and if you are looking for a really great church... stop by and visit us at 1402 North 81st West Avenue, Sand Springs OK.  We are located just off Highway 412 and exit 81st West Avenue.  Turn North at the end of the off ramp and you will find us about a mile down the road on the west side of the street, look for our marquee you can't miss it.  

You can also hear Pastor David Emigh on the radio every day... check out the times at:  
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