Thursday, February 24, 2011

Leaving tomorrow...

Spoke with Loren's brother, Terrence, tonight and right now there is no change in Shirley.  She isn't any worse and she isn't any better.  She is still on oxygen and Terry said that she is retaining about 17-20# of fluid in her abdomen area and in her lungs.  They have tried diuretics but they are not working.  They don't believe that draining the fluid would be a good solution for her at this time.

Loren and I will head for Indiana sometime tomorrow afternoon between 1-2pm.  It takes between 10-12 hours to drive depending on how often we stop and for how long.  Our neighbors will be feeding the stray dog that adopted us last summer and our outside cats.

We have emptied out most of the food in the frig so we will be able to stay as long as we need to.  Right now we are planning to be there a week and will just have to see where things are at the end of that time and if we feel that we should stay or come home. We won't be able to stay much longer than that because of our business, so we may be driving back and forth for a while.

I appreciate all you prayer warriors.  It gives us such peace to know that our brothers and sisters in Christ are lifting up our dear mother and also the family during this time.


  1. We had not heard how serious Shirley was/is...I had e-mailed Terence awhile back to ask.
    Bill/Lorraine McGrail

  2. Bill and Lorraine, Shirley is an inpatient at Hospice Care in Crown Point, IN. It isn't looking good for her. She has not said if she is hearing from the Lord, but she is mentally reviewing her life and her life with the boys. I believe she is ready to go but would like to hear that from her own lips if she is, that way we wont try to keep her here with our prayers. None of us want to see her linger and suffer. Deb