Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recovering... Fun times ahead!

It is amazing to me when you go through something so hard emotionally and mentally, like the death of a loved one... even when you know they are dancing with Jesus... how long it takes to recover physically.  It is exhausting!

We missed church for three weeks because we were running back and forth to Demotte, so last Sunday was our first real service since mama Shirley's funeral.  It was an amazing service.  I was so blessed to have my daughter Tami and her husband (our son-in-love) there too.  We had a guest speaker and the message was so anointed.  It was so anointed that it set my daughter a blaze ... Praise God!
I have been praying for years for that spark to ignite in her again.  She was our little neighborhood evangelist when she was a child.  She would recruit all the neighborhood children and instead of playing school or house they would play church and she would preach the Word of God to them.  I have always known God would use her in a mighty way, and so it is very exciting to see her on fire.

Loren and I will be going back to Demotte in about 5 or 6 weeks for the estate sale.  It will be good to see all the brothers and sister-in-loves and nieces and nephews again.

On another note, I am loving this weather.  Can anyone honestly say that they do not just adore Spring?  I appreciate all the seasons, yes even Winter and Summer, but not as much as I do Spring and Fall.  Loren just planted two more fruit trees, persimmons, in the front yard.  They will be a beautiful addition to the other fruit trees on the property.
We are making plans to finally rebuild our chicken coop and raise more egg layers.  I miss having fresh organic eggs and miss having chickens around.  Can't wait.

I am so excited, this October Loren and I will be going on our first 7-day cruise.  We will be going to Western Caribbean... Montego Bay, Jamaica; Grand Cayman Island; and Cozumel, Mexico. Nothing like a cruise to motivate you to lose weight... LOL!  I have tried to lose weight for years and would drop 15 or 20 pounds only to regain it at record speed.  Now I have a really good reason to lose!!! Loren too!
We started on our low calorie diet Monday and so far he has lost 6 pounds and I have lost 4.  No worries... men almost always lose faster than women. I told him we needed to be in our bikini bodies before we leave.  I got an email today from Carnival and it said we have 194 days left until we depart.  I figure I need to lose about 2 1/3 pounds per day to reach my goal before we board the ship.  If I stick to my diet and jog about 50 miles a day I just might make it... LOL!  Well I am not going to get discouraged, any weight I lose will be worth celebrating if you ask me.  It is sort of like finding a dollar bill shoved in a coat pocket, it may not seem like much at the time, but If you find one every day for a year they all add up.
School will be out in another 9 weeks.  Then Tristen and Shelbi will be here for the summer again.  I can't wait.  We love having them here.  Tristen will work with Pa (Loren) to make money to go toward his car, and Shelbi is going to learn how to cook.  She has already made a list of all the things she wants to learn to cook... cookies, pies, cake, candies... LOL!  I told her we could make some sweets but I want her to know how to put dinner on the table first.  I will teach her how to make spaghetti, meatloaf, potato soup and easy stuff like that.  Those dishes will teach her how to peel and chop.  

Tristen may be going to a few Basket Ball camps this summer also.  The first two camps are only four days each week with a three week break then the last week is a 5 day camp.  We might be getting to stay with my cousin Joni if everything works out.  Joni and I will have a blast.  Shelbi will be staying with my mama (Ma Sparkles) during that time.  

Well that's about it for now... almost midnight and I have a big day tomorrow.  I think I will see if Carol will give me a pedicure tomorrow.  I better get in there before she graduates from Sand Springs beauty college in a few weeks.
Church is tomorrow, I can't wait.  I wonder what God is going to do...


  1. you are such a great and thoughtful writer. i enjoyed reading your thought. almost like picking your brain! LOL if there is a chance for me to buy anything from the estate sale please let me know. i know i gave her a light up church that we painted for her and i would be interested in obtaining that for sentimental value. love you all so much: linda sue

  2. Thanks Linda. I have always loved to journal. As far as the estate sale goes, you would need to get in touch with Terrence or Dave. They are handling the whole thing. I am not sure when or what the process is, and don't even have a specific date yet. They would like to do it the first of May but don't know if they can get everything ready by then. Deb