Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Headed back to Demotte, IN...

Loren and I got home last Friday at 2am.  We had just spent a week in Demotte and Crown Point with his brothers and mama.  Shirley was not doing too well when we left and I have been in constant contact with Hospice nurses since our return home.
I check in with them every morning when I get up before Loren leaves for work and every night before we turn in.  Loren and I had talked a day or so ago about returning but he did not feel that he could stand watching his mama leave this earth.  I told him that what ever he wanted to do, that is what we would do.

This morning when I spoke to the nurse she said that Shirley is much more diminished and now isn't even responding to them.  Before today they could touch her hand and speak her name and she would look at them and now there is nothing.  She isn't even opening her eyes now.

I always let Loren know what I has been reported to me.  Today about an hour or so later he said that I needed to get us packed so we could leave tonight when he got home. We will be arriving in Demotte some time between 10am - 12pm.

I know this will be a rough trip for him... and for me, because we love Shirley so much.  Even though we know that she is ready to meet Jesus, we are going to miss her very much.  It is bitter-sweet for all of us, knowing that she will be made gloriously whole but grieving our own loss.  Praise be to God ... we will see her again!  


  1. Aunt Shirley was always wonderful to me. Such a dear lady and so devoted to God. I love her much.

  2. I have the same memories if Aunt Shirley. Such a woman of God. Praying for you & your travels. Maureen Ber