Saturday, May 4, 2013

A New Chapter In My Life...

Really? 2013? How did that happen so fast?  I can't believe that time has passed so quickly and so much has happened and I haven't blogged about any of it... shame on me.

Well let's start anew... I'm back... full steam ahead... my plan is to set down with my calendars that I jot things on each year and do a timeline of sorts with highlights from the past years, but first I am going to have to locate them all, ha. 

As most of my family knows we have been ... well... sort of in a state of chaos with all the moving in and out and fires all about... my family and close friends understand!  We have been trying to remodel for about 10 years and still have not made much progress... I finally told Loren (my hoarding husband wonderfully frugal husband), that we had way... way... way too much stuff and needed to get rid of about 2/3 of it.  

He says: We need to sell it.  
She says: But that takes time.  I want what I want and I want it gone now! 
He says: I'm the boss. 
She says: Why even talk about it, we always do what you want anyway.

End of conversation. As usual. Ho Hum!  I use to think I was stubborn but I finally met my match.  He isn't as vocal as I am, I can really kick up a fuss at times, he just lets me rant and then smiles and goes on about his business.  Nothing changes... UGH!  Hard headed man of mine!

I am not, as most who know me can testify, a patient person.  I am sanguine by nature and make decisions rather quickly.  Some call that impulsive. LOL!  Sanguine's are not afraid of hard work but when it stops being fun or stops being progressive we want to quit!  I don't need to ponder over things for long.  I can make a decision and get-er-done.  If it doesn't turn out like I like it I change it up till I do.  At least I am moving in an upwardly direction. 

I can go along with others for as long as I can see progress being made but... when it comes to a slow ooze or flat out stops... I want to scream!  I can't stand to be making good progress and then see it just stop... what is up with that???  It is as if some people get so close to the finish line and are afraid of success... I want to cross the line and get to the next party... I mean isn't that what life is all about?  I love seeing accomplishments... okay enough of my ranting. 

I am doing as much as I can do on my own without help, as most of you women know there are just some things we really need our husbands or muscular boy-friends to help us with.  But as long as I can do it I will do it without them.  I don't mind asking for help and I am certainly not going to turn away a volunteer (I am good at delegating...LOL), so don't get me wrong, I know my limits and I will take care of myself so that I will not damage my body trying to do the heavy stuff.

My Precious Treasures
Currently I am trying to get things ready for when the girls are all out of school this summer and with all their parents working I don't want them to be home alone all day, so they are coming here to spend the summer.  The girls, Talya 13.5, Shelbi 11.5, and Izzi 7, and me 55, are all so excited to be spending this time together.  I have been on Pinterest daily for hours looking at all these ideas for things for us to do this summer in the kids projects, crafts projects, DIY projects and recipes categories   Of course we will also be helping in Loren's big garden and going to the lake, dollar movies, and museums.  Talya and I have also talked about working out on the few pieces of exercise equipment we own over the summer so we can be leaner and healthier.  We will also be sewing and scrap-booking in my newly remodeled Studio.

Tristen and Maddie - November 2012
Tristen is still here with us and currently a Junior at Owasso Ram Academy.  He is dating a very sweet and lovable Christian girl from Sapulpa named Maddie Suzanne Johnson.  I love her to pieces... added bonus...I love her whole family including the two dogs. Tristen and Maddie make such a cute couple as you can see from the photo above. She is a sophomore at BerryHill High School and wants to go to culinary school after she graduates.  Tristen vacillates between joining the Oklahoma National Guard's this summer or waiting a year when he graduates high school to enlist in the Marines.  He tells me he really wants to be a Marine, that's what is in his heart, but he knows he can go to camp this summer with the Oklahoma National Guard's; however, if he does he will be signing papers making a commitment to join and that commitment is for 6 years.  If he waits one year and enlists with the Marines that will only be a 4 year commitment.  I am hoping he will wait so he can do what is really in his heart to do.  As with everything else... time will reveal all things.  He is also still playing basket ball (6'5" and playing low post position) with the Tulsa Black Hawks team.  They are traveling out of state some this month playing in tournaments in Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri. 

Now a little something to peek your interest... I have acquired this cute little chest pictured below.  Well "beauty" really is in the "eye of the beholder" so they say...

Garage Find 2010
I posted it on Instagram and FaceBook and you can follow me on those sites as well.  It measures 29" tall 14 1/4" deep and 24" wide.  Loren and I bought a house with a detached metal barn about 9 months ago in West Tulsa near the Sand Springs line.  After some remodeling we are now using it now as rental income.  Anyway, as we were doing the make ready on it we looked in the garage and this cute little damaged chest was sitting there in the dirt.  The front panel of the bottom drawer was broken as you can see in the photo but the rest of the drawer was in good shape and the trim along the bottom was only hanging on by one side and also broken.  I immediately thought of many uses for it... and "No", firewood did not come to mind!  So here it sits in my unfinished living room ready for its make-over.  I can't wait to start on this project.  I will refer to this as my "53rd West Avenue Chest" for future posts.

No, I'm not going to tell you what its going to be yet, its a surprise but I think I'm brave enough to post progress photos as I take each step with it.  I would love to hear from you and let me know what you think.  My creative juices are flowing and I am ready to go, go, go!!!

May the Love and Favor of God saturate you as you go through your day. 
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Love to you all, Deb

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