Thursday, January 6, 2011

Especially hard to leave home this time...

At Last... I don't know what was going on with Blogger the last couple of days but for some reason I could not leave a new post.  Just wanted to say... this is trip day.  Today is Tristen's 15th birthday... this is the second time his mama has had to be gone for surgery on his birthday.  She really hates that.  I am doing my final blog before I shut off the lap top and pack it for flight.  Mandi and I managed to get out seats together for all but one of the flights out.  We have most of our seats together coming home too but if not most people are happy to trade with us when they find out she has just had major surgery, so not to worried about that... after all we DO have the favor of God and MAN... right?!!!

It is especially hard for me to leave home this time, I usually see my mama before any trip and was not able to find time in my schedule this time to do that, also my husband, Loren, is crouping and says his throat is a little raw and feels like it is down in his chest.  I am leaving him with some antibiotics and pray that this will knock out what ever is trying to come on him. Of course I have and will be praying for him.  And with his mama, Shirley, in the hospital things are really at its peak around our family right now.  
With that said, I fully trust my God to handle it all.  He is certainly MORE than able to do it.  I rest in His loving arms.  I am so very grateful to have the kind of relationship with my daughter that she would want me to be with her during such a difficult time in her life.  I pray that God will use me to give her strength and encouragement and the He will give her the sweetest peace she has ever known.
Thank you all for praying and continuing to pray for my family.  I hope if there is ever anything, know matter how big or small, that you will call on me to pray for you.  I love to talk to God and love to intercede for others.  Isn't that what spiritual families do?  
I love you all.  A note to my sister Becky: If you are keeping up with this please keep daddy informed.  I think you probably are doing that already but just in case, I know he will want to know what is going on with Mandi.  Tell him he can call me anytime on my cell and there will be no charges or roaming fees.  We are both 918 numbers.  Thanks, Love ya!


  1. Praying for you guys!! Give Mandi a big sloppy kiss on the cheek and hug for me!! :) ha!! xoxxx! love you guys! ~lori

    P.S. I'm going to email you something that you might want for Loren or any other sickies that really works!

  2. I keep looking for the email you said you were sending me Lori. You know the one for all my sickies...LOL!