Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Latest on Shirley...

Shirley is still in the hospital.  She has fluid on her lungs and they have told her if they drain it off it will just build back up in a day or two and would have to be done again.  I spoke with Terry, who along with his wife Stefanie and brother David, are up at the hospital with her now.  He told me that Shirley has decided to go another route.

When I asked him to explain, he told me that she has decided to be an inpatient at Hospice Care which is right next to the hospital at Crown Point, IN.  He told me the cancer is so far advanced now that there isn't much more the hospital can do for her.
She is not on any narcotics at this time.  I don't have much more information than this.  I am just praying in the Spirit for her since I haven't spoken to her for over a month due to her weakness and being unable to carry on a conversation for lack of oxygen.
I know God is with her and is with the boys.  He will see all of us through this difficult time.  We all covet your prayers during this difficult time.

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