Monday, February 21, 2011

More Urgent News...

A lot of you have been praying for Loren's mama.  We got a message from Loren's oldest brother a few days ago saying that Hospice Care said that she is rapidly declining.  They have given her a matter of days, weeks but not more than a month.

She is on oxygen and a urine cath.  Hospice said because she is on oxygen it will get harder and harder for her to communicate and eventually she will loose all desire to do so.  
Last night his youngest brother text saying that "at her request" she was taken by ambulance to the ER because she felt as if she were suffocating.  The report today is that she has fluid build up on her lungs.

She has been diagnosed with Pulmonary Edema (a lung disease) and has a massive cantaloupe size malignant tumor and two smaller tumors on her ovary that cannot be operated on because of the lung condition.  The brothers feel that we need to come right away.

We will be leaving this coming Friday after Loren's last job and head for Indiana.  I am not sure how long we will be gone but plan to take my laptop so that I can keep everyone informed as to the current situation.  Please keep the boys: Doug, Greg, Loren, David and Terrence in your prayers.  They lost their daddy to brain cancer in the mid 80's so this is exceptionally hard on all of them.  All but David have wives, and there are six grand-children.
Loren has broken down several times but is really holding up pretty well.  He will be leading praise and worship on Wednesday and then... like I said we will head out on Friday.

Thank you all so much for your prayers for the boys, their wives and the grandchildren.  She is a believer so we are comforted by the fact that if this is her time to go home we know we will see her soon.

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