Monday, February 21, 2011

Long Road to Recovery...

I am not sure who it is harder on... the one recovering or the caregiver... but here we are, a little over a month since Mandi's surgery and she will finally be headed back to work on a part-time basis this coming Wednesday.  She won't be released to return fully until March 1, but that is probably for the best.
Since we returned from Maryland, the first two weeks I spent traveling out to her home on a daily basis the first week and then every other day the second week.  We were getting to the point that she was feeling that she could manage without the daily or bi-daily basis when Oklahoma was hit with one of the worst snow storms in its recorded history.  We literally broke historical records for the most amount of snow fall for our area. 

Two days after the storm - 2011

Monday, January 31st, I knew the storm was about to hit our area so I called Mandi and explained how impossible it would be for me to get to her or for her to get help if she happened to need it and thought it would be better if she and the children were at our home.  She said that she had thought about it but would rather be in her own home, I could not persuade her to change her mind.  

Later in the afternoon I got a call from my mama who told me that the schools had already closed for the next day and the storm would be more severe than once predicted and I needed to call Mandi again and try to persuade her once more, which I did.  She decided that she and the children would come out here after all.  Tristen had a basketball game that evening and they would come as soon as he got home.  I also called Tami to see if they wanted to come.  She said that Rick would be off work due to the weather but she still had to work.  If they come it will be later on Tuesday after she got off.

Loren and I went to Walmart that Monday early evening prior to the winter storm hitting our area so that we could stock up before everyone arrived.  I have never seen such devastation in a super-market before.  Self after self was empty, there was absolutely no bread, bananas, eggs, butter, water, juice, pop, chips... it looked like the end of the world.  We did find most everything that we were looking for and the things we didn't get at Walmart we were able to get next door at Warehouse Market.
Later that evening Mandi and the children were pulling up in our drive when the sleet started.  By morning there was a thick blanket of snow and it continued to snow for most of the day into early evening.  We got 14" of beautiful snow here in the Tulsa/Sand Springs area.
The Bolstad's came in on Tuesday evening and got stuck at the turn off on the frontage road and our drive.  Loren and Tristen shoveled the 700' drive down to the truck and then worked in the frigid temperature for over an hour trying to get the truck unstuck.  Tristen carried Izzi back to the house and the rest of them walked in with all their belonging plus their three dogs.  They stayed Tuesday night and the next two nights then went home before the next storm hit.  Mandi, Tristen and Shelbi stayed the rest of the time they were out of school and then returned home late Sunday evening on February 13.

That Sunday was mine and Mandi's first Sunday back to church since her surgery.  It was so good to be back.  It still takes a lot out of her just to do the simplest of things and she is just now beginning to drive again.

God has been so faithful to bring us through some very difficult times, and I am sure He will see us through all the rest.  I know you have heard me say this more than once... but, I just don't know how people get through life without FAITH and TRUST in our Almighty Father.  I am so grateful for Him in my life and the life's of my family and friends.

If you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus all you have to do is call on His precious life giving Name, confess Him as Lord and He will save you.  Join a local Faith Filled Bible Teaching Church and get hooked into the family of God.

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