Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We're home...

We are so glad to be home.  We made good time and I got butterflies in my stomach just thinking about seeing Loren again.  I miss him so much when we are away from each other.  Loren met us at the airport and drove Mandi home.  The children were so glad to see her. She is doing very well, but still having some pain.  It will take her a while to get back up to par physically but her spirits are good and she is happy to be home.  I will stay with her during the day when the kids are at school and have dinner ready when they get home.  Mandi feels that Tristen can help her at night.  I think she just didn't want me to feel like I couldn't go home.  If I feel like I need to stay I will but tonight I am going home.
I am so tired from traveling all I want to do is go home and sleep.  I will post more later.  Love to you all.

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