Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday Evening...

Shirley definitely looked a little better tonight. She was trying to communicate and make jokes even though she can't laugh or smile.  She is aware of people being there but can't really participate in the fellowship.

She hasn't taken in much in the way of food or fluid.  Her lungs are clear but she has diminished breathing capacity according to the nurses due to the amount of fluid on them.  Her abdomen is distended and her legs are swollen due to fluid retention.  She did refuse medication tonight so she is not in pain right now.  Praise God for that!

We got to visit some with Doug and David, two of Loren's brothers, while we were there.  Terrence came by the house tonight and we updated him.  We will all meet at Hospice tomorrow morning before we head back to Oklahoma.  We should get back to Tulsa around midnight or 1am on Friday morning.  Right now I need sleep... zzzzzzzz!

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