Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

What a wonderful Christmas Day.  We got up to my sister's around 11am.  The Moore's, Montgomery's and Short's were all there.  Little by little the rest of the family trickled in.  First mama and dad, then the Bolstad's (Carla got to join us too), and finally the Plummer's arrived.

Becky and I had talked about toning down our large quantity of food but as usual we had way more than we needed.  It was all good though and if I had to pick I don't know what we would have left out.
After we ate we sat down and played cards.  I had purchased this card game back in the mid to late 90's called "Swap" but the first time we ever played it was this past Thanksgiving.  We had so much fun that time that now it seems to be all they want to play.  Everyone wants to get the game but we can't find it in any of the stores anymore.  I guess I will try to get on the web and see if I can find them on line.  I know what everyone will be getting next Christmas if I do find them...LOL!
Anyway the time flew by and we had a ball.  We made lots of noise and ate way too much, but enjoyed it tremendously.  Thank you once again, Bec and Barry, for allowing all of us to invade your home.  We love you both so much.

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