Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Thank Goodness It's Wednesday... I need to be under the spout where the Glory pours out!  I love Wednesday night ... it's Bible Study night!  God is so good to us all the time.  Everyday in every way!  We really need to be keeping a praise journal, so on the days that we feel like the mully grubs are taking us over we can get it out and read all the glorious things God has done for us...
Well just got back from church... so good tonight, well I say that after every service but it is so true.
I got blessed today with a comforter set for Christmas from my daddy.  I don't think I would have picked out this particular pattern but once again... God is good, it just happens that one of the strips in the fabric matches the walls in my guest room and it will be a perfect covering for the bed in there. What a blessing.
I also made a new acquaintance at church tonight.  Our sound man Randy got married on Monday and his wife Candace introduced herself to me.  I have seen her but had never officially met her.  I invited them to come to Life Group at Sharon's this year.  She seems real sweet.  I am looking forward to getting to know her better.
No plans for New Year's Eve, I think we both just want to snuggle up and rest.  Although, that is still two days away so you never know what might come about by then.  I'll keep you posted...
Oh, yes... one more blessing, I just found out today that Mandi and I got a room at the family lodge at NIH so we won't have to be out for a hotel... Praise God!  That will save us a ton of money.  Once again, God provided... is there any wonder why I trust Him so much.

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