Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday...Favorite Day of the Week...

I just love Sunday's... not that you can't be continually close to your Dad any day of the week... but, on Sunday you get to be in the atmosphere of the corporate anointing.  The awesomeness of that alone make me almost giddy with anticipation.  Praising and worshiping my Dad with all my brother's and sister's-in-Christ is just about my favorite thing on the earth to do.  It just pumps me up!

Loren and I were alone today, both Mandi and Tami and kids were not able to come to church, so we came home and ate left-overs from the Christmas meal.  Afterwards, Loren worked on the house and I cleaned out some over-stuffed drawers that were way over due for a cleaning.  Can't believe how long that takes.  All the stuff you put in them thinking that you need to hang on to... only to find out later that you should have toss it in the first place. LOL!  It's the few items you really need to hang onto that give you a problem... where to put it... and if you put it there will you remember you put it there when you need it?  Such a quandary... 
Thoughts like that make me so tired... I guess I will call it a night and post something more interesting tomorrow night.

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