Thursday, December 30, 2010

Keeping up with Technology...

Yesterday I got to play with my grand-daughter Talya.  She IM'd me... that means instant message, Mama...LOL!  Anyway we got to chatting it up and the next thing I know the phone was ringing and it was Tami, Talya's mama.  I finally had to tell Talya that I needed to go because I was speaking to her mama on the she wrote, "I guess that means you like her more than me" LOL... so then I told Tami I needed to go...Ha!  For those of you who don't know it yet... grandchildren rule the world, and for those of you who do... no explanation is needed.
Shelbi and I were supposed to go with Mama to visit Grandma Hazel at the Broken Arrow Nursing Home but Mama called around 9am and said that she has an ear ache and didn't think she needed to be out fanning around.  So... Shelbi and I had the day to ourselves... mostly.  Loren was here this morning but left around noon to go work on a fence at our rental in Mannford.  
Shelbi and I watched the "Guardians" and "Despicable Me" then made two batches of Othello Rice Crispy Treats.  I tied ribbons on her sketch book and got that finished then I finished doing laundry and then cooked dinner.  We just finished eating and she is drawing in her new sketch book.  Loren is still gone but I don't really expect him back till after dark.
That's about it for today... I am going to start down loading my bible CD's to my laptop and hopefully to my iPhone so I will have them in Maryland.  I think it may take several days to get that done.  Pray for me... I am a novice at this...

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