Sunday, January 2, 2011

Highly Motivated...

Today was a great day... but then just about every day is a great day... We got to go to church again, Tami and Rick and Izzi came and Izzi sat in my lap for most of the service.  Praise and Worship was awesome, Loren interacted with the people and got a chuckle or two.  Then he led us into the most awesome worship and helped to really usher us into the presence of God.  Chad preached a great sermon about growing up spiritually, but even more than that.  He preached about what the Holy Spirit has been dealing with me about for several months now... press in more to God, dive into the scripture more so that I can be spiritually mature and fit for God's use.

We brought Izzi back to the house with us and Tami and Rick ran to Lowes.  Then they came by the house and we waited for the Mullis's to drop off Talya and for Mandi and the kids to get out of church.  Tristen had to usher at the second service.  They said that the Holy Spirit really fell and Chad got to pray for many of the people.  Shelbi looked so cute today, Mandi had curled her hair the night before and then pulled it up and she looked like a little model.
Tristen called and we all headed out.  We were going out to celebrate his birthday early.  He had also invited Maurice and Judy to come.  His choice was Ryan's so off we went.  We ran into the Bale's and the Stoy's there.  We had a great lunch and I gave Tristen his two shirts I bought at Dillard's yesterday.  We are going to have to take him with us next time, we thought we were getting the right size but the arms are too short so he may have to exchange them.
Loren and I headed for home and he took a long nap and didn't get up till 7pm.  I surfed the Internet while he slept.  He got up and we watched a little television together then... Woo Hoo!!! He gets out the paint that I bought for the living room and we painted.  Yippee!!! I think he is starting to get highly motivated about fixing the house.  Finally... I have a glimmer of hope that we will see things come together so that I can have family and friends over.  That has been my dream for over 15 years.  I think it would be much more like a refuge for us if our house was more of a home and not just a place we go to at the end of the day because there isn't any where else to go.

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