Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shopping with Mandi...

Mandi and I decided earlier in the week to go shopping together for Tristen for his birthday and to celebrate it early with all the family on the 2nd (tomorrow) since we would be flying to Maryland on the 6th which is his actual birthday.  She called yesterday to tell me that Dillard's was having a big sale... everything with a mark down tag on it was an additional 50% off today.  So we decided to meet out at Promenade Mall at the main entrance... however, I took off and forgot my cell phone.  Big mistake when you are meeting someone else.
 Mandi said she didn't remember the part of the conversation where I talked about our meeting place.  It almost caused a big ruckus but we didn't allow it to come to that. Whew!
We both got Tristen a couple of dress shirts each and then she got him some sketcher boots.  After we were done we stopped in the food court and had lunch together and then decided to part ways.  She needed to run to Target and I went to Michaels to get a girl at church a late Christmas and birthday gift.  I found out that her mama was having a really tough time financially and she was only able to get her one small gift for Christmas, then later found out that she was having a birthday this Wednesday.  God really laid it on my heart to do something for her. She loves to draw and that has always been a passion of mine too.  We have this in common and God is allowing it to open a door for me to minister to her. I am real excited about it. 
Tristen called tonight to tell me that he already got the gifts from his mama and wanted to know what I got him... LOL!  I told him he would have to wait till tomorrow to find out. Ha!
Loren and I drove out to Cleveland this evening to watch Talya play basketball.  This was Dorothy and Brent's first game.  Talya scored a basket... woo hoo!!!  Her team won 22-0.  So far they have won two games and lost one game.
She went back home with the Mullis's but they are going to bring her back to our home tomorrow at noon.  Mandi and Tami and their families are going to the second service and will call us when they get out and we will all go out to eat.
Loren and I stopped at Wal-Mart on our way home and he bought some 75% off Christmas candy... his annual candy purchase.  I got a couple of ingredients I needed to make a chocolate delight and coconut cream delight.  Better than a sickening sheet cake for a birthday dessert.  We are home now and will be headed to bed soon, we get to go to church in the morning.  Hallelujah!

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