Friday, January 7, 2011

What a way to fly...

Never let it be said that I am not grateful for living in the "land of the FREE and home of the brave" but I have to add that as a free woman I object to only being allowed to carry on board only one quart size bag of liquids on board any given airline.
 Who came up with that ridiculous limit?  (A man I am thinking)  It's one thing to tell you that any bottle of whatever can't be larger than 4oz but now you can't carry more than will fit in ONE plastic quart size zipper bag. A woman would have never set such stupid limits... knowing full well that she would have to travel with at least 3 of those mini hairspray cans just to make it through the next two weeks.  What does that leave room for in the small undersized bag?  Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner... so you stand there in security trying to decide if you should throw out the mouth wash, lotion, perfume... etc. and some unsympathetic male jerk can't figure out what the dilemma is all about.  Not to mention while he is manhandling all your things you are not allowed to touch any of them.  Then he tells me that I can keep my other things if I want to check my bag.  "Are you serious" I said, "It's not enough that the airline already charges enough money to bankrupt a small nation for my ticket but then they want to charge me $25 to check just one bag. Thank you but no, I am carrying on my bags."    So decisions are made, attitudes are heightened and it takes me all of 1/2 a second before the Holy Spirit reminds me of the message Pastor Chad taught on Sunday... LOL!  I just keep telling myself that I am growing... and growing... growing... 
Before we even left the gate at Tulsa International Airport I got a text from my mama telling me that her sister, my Aunt Linda, who lives in Washington State was just rushed to the hospital with an apparent heart attack. Mama and her sister, my Aunt Becky, are needless to say pretty shaken up over it.  Another one for the prayer list.  I am so glad I serve a BIG GOD... He is well able to handle any of our situations no matter how big or small.
We got off the ground in Tulsa and had a quick and fun flight.  Mandi and I sat across the aisle from each other and visited most of the way.  We landed at Chicago O'Hare... it is the first time our gates were only a two minute walk apart.  Usually we have to catch a shuttle when we disembark to get to the next gate clear on the opposite side of the airport.  So we had a little time to kill, not to mention that we also got delayed an hour from our original take off time.  We finally made it to DC Airport and had to catch the shuttle to NIH family lodge.  We got into our room around 8:40pm EST.  
Mandi had left her itinerary at home so I pulled it up on my iPhone.  She was thinking that she had her first test on Friday at 8am but in reality she was supposed to check in at 7pm Thursday.  So she called the hospital and explained the situation and they told us to come on over.  Ugh!  
We got to the hospital around 9pm and was taken to a bed.  The staff seemed a little rattled but we just blew it off.  The nurse kept coming in and then leaving. We asked if we would be there long and the nurse told us no, but time ticked away.  Finally we were told that they had an emergency on the floor and that is what the delay was.  A patient had somehow spilled hazardous waste and everyone was scrambling around trying to clean everything up.  The patient that had caused the commotion was then placed in the bed next to Mandi... we just exchanged glances and then grinned. 
Here we had been in this room alone for about an hour and a half, both of us reading and minding our own business when this other woman was brought in and immediately asked us if we could please turn out our light and pull our curtain shut so she could get to sleep. LOL!  Still growing Chad...
Within the next 30 min or so we had finally got finished and was allowed to return to the lodge for the night.  By the time we got to be it was 1:20am and we had to be back over at the hospital by 8:30am.  Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
We managed to get ourselves over to the hospital in time and she got the first couple of tests out of the way.  We are now back in our room at the lodge and have had lunch.  Her next test isn't until 3pm so we are trying to relax a bit.  We will have more tests and then be done around 6pm.
We are really looking forward to Saturday, grocery shopping and a visit to this little French bakery that we love so much.  We make a visit to this bakery every time we are here.  Yummy!  Can't wait...

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