Thursday, January 13, 2011

Out of ICU...

ICU called this morning, Mandi was wanting to see her mama.  I think she likes that I look out for her as long as I don't mother her, anyway I hurried and got myself over there.  She was still in ICU not doing much better than yesterday, but she is doing really well.

They still have her on the pain medication pump.  She can push the pump every 10 minutes and get a dose of medication.  I have caught her watching the clock for it.  Bad thing is the pain medication is causing her nausea.  They are giving her something for the nausea every 4 hours, but after about 45 minutes the nausea returns.  Dr. B doesn't want to give her anything else for nausea because it also has something in it to cause sleepiness and he wants her to slowly become more and more alert.
Right now she pushes the button for pain med's and in about 2 minutes she has dry heaves then 8 minutes later she pushes the button and 2 minutes later she dry heaves and on and on and on it goes.  It is quite literally wearing her out.  I am hoping that by tomorrow she will be completely taken off the pump and will be taking pain med's by mouth.  Then she will get to start eating regular food.  All she can have right now is ice chips.

She did walk for the first time today from the chair to the door (about 8 feet) and then was pushed out of ICU by wheelchair to the regular room.  She walked from the wheelchair to the bed (about 8 feet more) then was allowed to get into bed.  Now that she is on the regular floor and out of ICU they will have her walking several times a day which will speed up her recovery time.  She is also doing breathing treatments every hour.

She told me today that the smell of my perfume was making her have a headache so after they moved her out of ICU I told her I was headed back to the lodge and would wash all our clothes and my jacket to get the perfume smell out of them.

She has done really well this trip and I know she will be getting stronger every day.  Supernatural recovery in Jesus Name!!!

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