Monday, January 3, 2011

Coming together...

Loren worked so hard all day on the living room.  We painted it last night with a real warm gold and today he trimmed out the room and windows.  It is really coming together.  He does such wonderful work and is so detailed.  We have decided to carpet that particular room and just keep food out of it.  We will have the den for family time when the kids are all over and that floor will be wood or tile and food will be allowed in there, after all we live here it isn't a museum...LOL!

I helped Loren with the trim, holding the dummy end of the tape measure and then holding up the trim while he nailed it to the wall.  I am usually the go-fer...but hey, I don't mind.
I made us taco's for lunch and heated him some spaghetti for dinner while I ate a good green salad. (psstt...I lost another 2 pounds) 
I made him a coconut cream dessert for working so hard on the house.  I will make Frito's Thingies for him to have here while we are gone to Maryland.
Pretty pooped tonight, I guess I am trying to think of everything I will need to pack since I will be gone for two weeks.  Ugh!  I did manage to pack up all the supplements and vitamins I will need for the trip so I won't have to pack all those bottles.
My sister and her husband celebrated 35 years of marriage today.  What a glorious thing to celebrate.  Congratulations to them for their long and loving relationship.  Hope you both have another 35!  Love you both.

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