Friday, January 14, 2011

More Progress...

Mandi was a little more alert today but still awake with her eyes shut.  Still has bouts of nausea, but her medication is as low as they can get it without taking her clear off of it.  When I got there this morning she was more responsive and would actually carry on a short conversation.

The nurse said that she was running a fever overnight but it was back down to normal this morning when I arrived, also when I arrived all signs of blood in the urine was gone and her kidneys are putting out large amounts of clear urine, and the drain in the area around the kidneys is collecting almost nothing from around the kidneys.
The medical team felt that she was way too pale and weak so they decided to give her two pints of packed whole blood which pinked her cheeks right up and seemed to perk her up a little.  They decided to allow her some apple juice.  She drank 12 ounces of apple juice in less than an hour and kept it down.

Dr. B said that he was going to allow her this last day on the pump and catheter but tomorrow both will come out and he wants her up and walking many times.  They told her that she needs to walk to wake up her bowels.  I pointed out that she seemed very swollen to me and when they checked realized that she had gained seven pounds.  So they gave her a shot of a diuretic to help drain the water from her body.  It started working right away.

Dr. B wants to give her Tylenol by mouth to control the pain once she is off the pump since she can't take any narcotics without throwing up which she agreed to.  He also put her on a clear liquid diet this evening since she held down the apple juice, but she can't eat solid food till she is up and walking (that should motivate her, LOL) and can get to the bathroom on her own.

She had me order some Strawberry Jello, chicken broth, and a ginger ale.  She was able to drink most of the ginger ale, ate a couple of small bites of the Jello but changed her mind on the broth.  Baby steps.  I am sure her appetite will resume when she begins to walk.

I washed her face, kissed her cheek and told her I loved her.  When I left her she was resting again.  Dr. B will be gone over the weekend but we should see him sometime Monday.
How wonderful it is to watch as God performs miracles right in front of me.  He is just so wonderfully awesome!

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